Ghent University

Ghent University was founded in 1817. Today, after decades of uninterrupted growth, Ghent University is one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in the Low Countries. Ghent University offers high-quality, research-based education in all academic disciplines. Today Ghent University attracts over 35,000 students, with a foreign student population of over 2,000 EU citizens and some 2,000 students from non-EU countries. Excluding the Ghent University Hospital, the university employs 6800 staff members, including 912 professors. Its research budget for 2010 was 235 Million Euros.

Computer Systems Lab

The Computer Systems Lab (CSL) of UGent's engineering faculty participates in euPhoria. The Lab (50 researchers, including 7 faculty members) is part of the Electronics and Information Systems Department. The part of the lab involved in this project conducts research on the hardware-software interface of programmable computing systems. This research spans the domains of system software, including compilers and operating and run-time systems, as well as computer architecture and micro-architecture component design. CSL has internationally recognized expertise in performance analysis, evaluation and modeling of modern multicore processors, fast simulation techniques, virtual machine designs, software protection techniques, reliability-enhancing software/hardware co-design, compiler techniques, and software parallelization techniques. CSL is a partner in the Intel Exascience Lab Flanders and in the i.KNOW innovation cluster of Ghent University.  Members of CSL are involved in start-ups: Mollom, Circuit.IO, Damon.

Koen De Bosschere

Koen De Bosschere is professor at the Engineering Faculty of Ghent University where he carries out research and teaches on computer architecture and operating systems. He is the head of CSL. He is author of 120 publications over the last 10 years. He is the coordinator of the HiPEAC network of excellence, he is responsible for the ACACES summer school, and he has been instrumental in the development of the HiPEAC research vision. At Ghent University he coordinates the student-entrepreneurship project of the university. This project wants to encourage the 35,000 students of Ghent University to start their own business while still being at the university.