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  • This is the wall street update of the download edition of world business report on Thursday, the twenty eighth of September, I'm Roger hearing.

  • Now, the impact of Donald trump's latest proposals on tax and reforming the tax system in the U.S. has been getting quite a bit of interest from people involved in finance more widely.

  • I spoke to Kerry leaky of decision economics in new York and asked him what impact.

  • All this at how our investors.

  • Well, the pack, they bill moving for Australian investor friendly is still giving them, I think a mild boosted the stock it map at their new new Thor, you could argue that the plan released earlier this week is significantly different, but they're made in April, but the fact that it's going to a significant reduction in pack three individual levelling the playing field in both areas is powered with him for a walk.

  • What we know that the present it swing for the fences, and if we only get her third war that there will be enough, you know, probably aired at least, they're here, not a percentage point to G.D.P. grow at all well and good, and there's repatriation tax, a one time thing to get corporations to bring overseas assets back, that is, that evoking interest you did get a little, but, for better or for worse, the more you look at it, the sexual, investment, employment Affects the way a family did it ten, fifteen years ago, but not terribly but back that the tax was desperately need revenue to pay for the tax cut.

  • When you normally do that by either broadening the pack, which is the night word before eliminating tax write off that contributions for a charity and thing like that. m.

  • The whole mortgage deduction.

  • All you can come up with new thought the revenue thought one repeat creation might be worth five hundred billion dollars, so they're going to grab for anything, they can get another thing..

  • The President touched on, then his speech about tax was that the effect of the hurricanes are ma'am, how much that might hold economic growth back is that worrying investors, not really the investors.

  • No, they'd probably over a nine month period, the impact of the er keen wash, what did happen, Jeannie p. at the production bait measure.

  • So, to the extent that you destroy capital stuck through her cane and taught and blow down a star production adulthood.

  • Third quarter G.D.P. growth, but we'd get the marketing it at the back, there's going to be rebuilding them or be paid for by the loo someone paid for by the third party insurance company, for they know that rebuilding their port quarter him for recorder G.D.P. growth had mad, a big actually like we happen believe two thousand by their provoking Katrina, the push media business survey were took Emma next week, the So called, surveyor manufacturing that may be very positive, because maybe already getting orders and, particularly if you are a motor vehicle Beale or impact that, then you've got a vehicle, you'll have anything away up there protrude Barbon bought by people need a drier those trucks and cars.