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World Business Report 2017-08-30:23:53.00
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  • This is the wall street update of the dammit edition of world business report.

  • I'm Roger hearing, I've been speaking to dad McIntyre twenty four seven wall street, and he began by telling me, there'd been a worrying report from the ratings Agency standen pause, he told me what it was about three hundred or issued a report, we can't rush does have grazed today.

  • Actually, I think it would be more catastrophic collapse of Lehman brothers, which would mousse.

  • Yeah, but you'd have another huge financial collapse wobble Jerry Sir, indeed, and I guess the elements of what U.S tax policy is going to do could be a big part of dealing with what are they made of suggestions as to what Donald trump's efforts will be like in terms of his fiscal policy, which obviously, he's been talking about in the last few hours, although that hasn't been specifically mention this, or, I think what happened.

  • This is Donald trump wants to be a, no, that's fifty English to action.

  • It may be that they end up training horses shear the trump wants the that's healing array.

  • Some of the Bute.

  • One can't worse.

  • Don't worry, here is actually the mouth, so I can see, they're actually being since swapping that goes on in a way obvious Essen Puma pork, which is really the most severe what the the only problem that I seen, but elsewhere, there's so Much strong economic growth data around at the moment, the underlying Stranks is pretty clear and economy, isn't it.

  • But it's remarkably strong both employment and you, you'd be real estate.

  • I look at the ceiling and saw the very funny.

  • I'm sure more gorier it's Cheryl goes back to her old something statement black Swan, there are two or three whipping them happening, a very, very small, but there are such big, you know, they could do you were, you know, everything that's going on, because of the goodness dud McIntyre there are twenty four seven wall street and in terms of numbers, the Dow ended up nought point, one per cent are twenty one thousand eight hundred and ninety two here in London, the one hundred share index was also up not point four per cent at seventy three sixty five.