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The Agents Reading Group is a new series of informal fortnightly meetings organised by Agents Group for all those interested in agents, multiagent systems and related topics. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss topics in agent research, to improve our understanding of the state of the art, and to share different views and ideas on various related research issues. The meeting is open to everyone.

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Upcoming Meetings

  • TBD: Pavlos Andreadis (informatics forum)

Title: Utilising Coarse Preferences in Multi-criteria, Multi-agent problems

Previous Meetings


  • 12th May 2017: Usability of embodied conversational agents in a multi modal mobile serious game, Danai Korre
  • 28th April 2017: Agent-Based Privacy Permission Management, Enrico Gerding, University of Southampton
  • 7th April 2017: The Lightweight Social Calculus continued: UA Vs? and Sociograms, Petros Papapanagiotou
  • 17rd March 2017: Market-Based Coordination for Domestic Demand Response in Low-Carbon Electricity Grids, Sergio Elizondo Gonzalez
  • 3rd March 2017: Explainable AI: What, Why and How?, Subramanian Ramamoorthy
  • 27th January 2017: Agents of Jazz (?): Understanding and designing for interaction between improvising musicians, Evan Morgan


  • 25th November 2016: Online Learning Techniques for Pricing in e-Commerce Scenarios, Stefano Paladino (Politecnico di Milano)
  • 7th October 2016: Distributed Linked Data as a Framework for Human-Machine Collaboration, Paolo Pareti
  • 16th September 2016: The unBias project, Michael Rovatsos
  • 22nd August 2016: Why semantics when pragmatics? And which? Replicator dynamics meets iterated Bayesian learning, Thomas Brochhagen
  • 15th August 2016: Communication Without Mindreading, Julian Schlöder
  • 8th August 2016: Semantic Alignment for Agent Interactions: making communication meaningful in open environments, Paula Chocron


  • 26th June 2015: Scientific Lenses over Linked Data: An approach to support multiple integrated views, Alasdair J G Gray (Heriot Watt)
  • 1st May 2015: Protocols for human computation: lightweight coordination for social interactions, Petros Papapanagiotou
  • 24th April 2015: Can an agent learn how to deceive its interlocutor?, Ioannis Efstathiou (Heriot Watt)
  • 27th March 2015: CHIMERA - Conflict between Humans and Intelligent Systems: Methods for Resolution and Avoidance, Michael Rovatsos
  • 20th March 2015 (12.30-1pm): On the Emergence of Structured Expressions in Signaling Games, Thomas Brochhagen
  • 20th March 2015 (12-12.30pm): A Contextual Look on Rejection, Julian Schlöder
  • 13th March 2015: Are You Doing What I Think You're Doing? Criticising Uncertain Agent Models, Stefano V Albrecht
  • 6th March 2015: Language Games in a Task Context, Michael Anslow
  • 20th February 2015: Using agent coalitions to model ridesharing services, Matei Craciun
  • 13th February 2015: A Combinatorial Exchange for Energy Prosumers within a Microgrid, Sergio Elizondo
  • 6th February 2015: First steps on solving analogies using Concept Net 4?, Dimitris Diochnos
  • 23rd January 2015: Organisational meeting


  • 12th December 2014: Basic Notions on MongoDB Administration, Dimitris Diochnos (relevant code)
  • 28th November 2014: Why Collaborative Theorem Proving?, Steven Obua
  • 21st November 2014: Group Knowledge and Social Machines, Orestis Palermos
  • 14th November 2014: Winograd schema resolution: some ideas, Nico Bova
  • 7th November 2014: Coarse Preferences: Representation, Elicitation, and Decision Making, Pavlos Andreadis
  • 31st October 2014: A Social Computation Perspective of Human Know-How using Linked Data, Paolo Pareti
  • 17th October 2014: Organisational meeting
  • 6th June 2014: Trip Report from AAMAS 2014, Michael Rovatsos
  • 30th May 2014: Communication Planning, Tânia Marques
  • 23rd May 2014: Towards social radiology: considerations on the building of an information infrastructure, Gustavo Motta
  • 16th May 2014: Learning Optimal Moves in Complex Games from Humans, Mihai Dobre
  • 9th May 2014: Preference Change (Part 2), Alex Lascarides
  • 2nd May 2014: Preference Change (Part 1), Alex Lascarides
  • 25th April 2014: Knowledge TV Extension for Intelligent Response to Emergency Scenarios Using Collaborative AI Planning, Natasha Queiroz
  • 21th March 2014: Modelling, simulating and analysing real-world complex workflows: From supply chains to healthcare systems, Areti Manataki
  • 14th March 2014: Some Things I Like (and Some Work I've Done), Matt Crosby. Part of the talk will be based on A Temporal Approach to Multiagent Planning with Concurrent Actions. (For even more information please see here.)
  • 28th February 2014: Inducing and Mapping Grounded Ontologies of Sensor Measurements in Cooperative Communication Tasks, Michael Anslow
  • 21st February 2014: Workflow FM?: A formal modelling framework for healthcare processes, Petros Papapanagiotou
  • 14th February 2014: The Smart Society Project, Michael Rovatsos. This is going to be a PEPA-talk, held at 11am at room IF-2.33. Not officially an Agents-group talk.
  • 7th February 2014: Ongoing work in Smart Society, Dimitris Diochnos
  • 31st January 2014: Building social machines by augmenting existing social networks with interaction models, Dave Murray-Rust
  • 24th January 2014: Effects of Belief and Memory on Strategic Negotiation, Markus Guhe
  • 17th January 2014: Constructed Identity and Social Machines: A Case Study in Creative Media Production, Amy Guy



  • 6th April, 2011: Jose Such







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